We are Charters Towers’ leading concrete supplier specialising in local concrete batching, supply, and delivery
We are your local and experienced team providing quality concrete and the best service

Did you know we deliver ready-mix concrete in Charters Towers and our surrounding districts. Our ready-mix concrete is premium quality, and affordable, so you know you are getting the most out of your ready-mix concrete supplies.

When compared to concrete suppliers in the region we are different from other ready-mix concrete suppliers. We are 100% family-owned and operated. This means that your peace of mind is assured as we care and think about your project as if it was our own.

Our concrete delivery in our region can be done the same day you order, and we make sure to work with you to meet any deadlines that might be approaching.

Towers Concrete is a locally owned and operated business in Charters Towers. We are an ever evolving business and no contract has proven to be too big for us. Towers Concrete are one of the biggest regional, locally owned premixed concrete delivery businesses.

Not only that, we are committed to employing locals and local contractors and ensure that all product used in projects are sourced from local suppliers where possible.

Towers Concrete is verified in all areas of the premixed concrete industry.

Both our plants have been mine certified including all vehicles and our contractors and employees.

Towers Concrete conducts ongoing product development and testing and continued training and development for employees and contractors.

Towers Concrete will work with you 100% with a 24/7 service regime


The Towers Concrete difference...
Quality Concrete …Delivered
Are you needing concrete? Then look no further than Towers Concrete. We boast the largest range available in the Towers Regions. You can find the perfect mix for your project. We can also design a mix to suit any requirements.
Western regions professionals
Since operations started, we have delivered quality concrete to international mining companies in the area, local council, local builders and the general community. Towers Concrete are one of the biggest regional, locally owned premixed concrete delivery businesses servicing all your needs.
Modern and well maintained fleet
We can have up to 10 fully equipped trucks delivering quality concrete to match your requirements. We have a fleet of extra-large 8 or 6 cubic metre trucks for the big/medium jobs to get you the required amount. We also have mini mix at 2.4 cubes suitable for those smaller jobs.
Contact Towers Concrete
Looking for quality concrete? Looking for efficiency? Looking for a guaranteed delivery? Looking to save money?

Phone: (07) 4787 9304
Plant: 8 Carroll St. Charters Towers, Queensland.
Email: enquiries@towersconcrete.com.au


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